Girafus pro-TRACK-tor Pet Tracker for cats, dogs and all other pets Locate, Search, Find

The optimal tracker

Locating the missing animals even indoors.

By using safe radio wave technology, the Girafus pro-Track-tor can also be used for detection in closed rooms such as cellars or garages.

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Tiny small, super light transmitter

Your cat will hardly notice it - and you can relax.

With the tiny transmitter, which weighs only 8 grams including battery, you can find up to 4 cats with only one device.

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Verpackungsinhalt des pro-TRACK-tors Pet Tracker mit 2 Tag-Modulen

Advantages compared to GPS devices

30 days battery life

No monthly subscription costs

Small and light - ideal for cats and small dogs

Safe RF technology for location

Search also in closed rooms

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Explanation video for the Girafus pro-TRACK-tor Pet Tracker - commissioning and handling